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Advice is good for your health - and we can prove it!  The Scottish CAB Service delivers the Patient Advice and Support Service on behalf of NHS Scotland.  We also contribute daily to the health and wellbeing of our clients and their families through helping them resolve their problems.  


  1. 19 Jun 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland is today meeting with a number of organisations to discuss how to improve the use of medical evidence in the social security system

  2. 2 Oct 2015

    Over the last few months Skye & Lochalsh CAB's Sarah Morgan has researched and produced a report and catalogue of services on Mental Health Support in Skye and Lochalsh.

  3. 15 Jul 2015

    Thousands of consumers lose out every year to subscription traps online which pretend to be free product trials, typically slimming pills and beauty products, to dupe people out of their bank details.


  1. Christine Lang

    Publication date: August 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland received 268 responses to the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS) client feedback survey between 1st April 2017 and 31st March 2018.  Client satisfaction is high with 98% of respondents stating that they were either very satisfied (84%) or satisfied (14%) with the service.

  2. Jana Eyssel

    Publication date: January 2018

    The Consumer Futures Unit (CFU) initiated research to find out how accessible information is to consumers on their rights and responsibilities for private water and sewerage services. This Insight Report, which accompanies a technical report (see below for download link), summarises the research that was undertaken, sets out the findings that emerged and provides policy recommendations.

  3. Jana Eyssel

    Publication date: December 2017

    “Generally, we believe that the new regulations provide greater protection to those consuming private water from Type A supplies, and greater accountability for those responsible for supplying private drinking water.”

  4. Publication date: September 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland delivers free, independent, confidential advice and support for patients of the NHS in Scotland through the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS). 

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