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Citizens advice bureaux are a key part of the wider landscape of publicly funded legal advice, helping clients with thousands of legal issues each year and resolving thousands of issues before they reach the legal stage. Bureaux operate nine in-court advice projects across the country and represent clients at thousands of tribunals and court cases each year. 


  1. 17 Mar 2021

    by Derek Mitchell, CAS Chief Executive.

    This article was first published in the Herald on 17 March 2020.

  2. 3 Mar 2021

    by Sarah McDermott, Senior policy officer (Strong Communities team)

    This article first appeared in the Herald on 3 March 2021.

  3. 26 Dec 2020

    Citizens Advice Scotland has published its summary of advice issued for the last financial year.


  1. Modernising Consumer Markets
    Gail Walker

    Publication date: July 2018

    CAS welcomes the Consumer Green Paper and a stronger push by the UK government for greater simplicity, transparency and fairness for those that purchase and use goods and services.

  2. A report for Citizens Advice Scotland by Sarah O'Neill Consulting
    Sarah O'Neill

    Publication date: December 2018

    Sarah O’Neill Consulting was commissioned by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) to carry out research into the role of the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) service within the legal advice/access to justice landscape in Scotland.

    The purpose of the research was to describe and explore:
    > the nature and extent of the role of the CAB service in Scotland within the legal advice/legal services landscape, in dealing with and resolving people’s civil justice problems.
    > the quality assurance arrangements which are in place for the training and regulation/accreditation of CAB advisers and court/tribunal representatives.
    > the benefits which the work done by the CAB service in Scotland brings in terms of both the wider public interest and for consumers, including a focus on early resolution/ prevention of escalation of problems.

    The report found that the CAB service in Scotland plays a key role within the access to justice landscape, at all stages of a client’s ‘journey’. Hundreds of thousands of people who experience civil justice problems are reliant on its services to obtain access to justice. Bureaux provide vital support to clients who are often vulnerable, and who would find it difficult to access the same level of advice and support elsewhere. The entire justice system is therefore heavily dependent on the services which they offer.

    In the words of one bureau manager: ‘if we didn’t exist, I think you would need to invent us’.

  3. CAS response to Scottish Government consultation
    Rob Gowans

    Publication date: April 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland welcomes the opportunity to comment on the draft rules for the new Scottish Social Security Tribunals. We support a Tribunal continuing to be the forum for final dispute resolution within the Scottish social security system, and compared with some other aspects of the current system, the Tribunal system is relatively well-regarded by CAB clients and advisers.

  4. Report Stage and Third Reading
    Rob Gowans

    Publication date: November 2015

    This briefing focusses on amendments tabled to the Scotland Bill addressing areas where the
    Bill does not appear to meet the intent of the Smith Agreement. Citizens Advice
    Scotland is concerned that, as currently drafted, there are risks of detriment
    to CAB clients, who sought advice on 220,000 new
    benefits issues in 2014/15 and who have been subject to recent changes to reserved tribunals which have
    had a marked and detrimental effect on consumers in Scotland.

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