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  1. 19 Jun 2019

    The UK Treasury has today announced a ‘Breathing Space’ scheme in England and Wales that will give people in debt 60 days to seek help while their creditors freeze the interest, and offers additional protections for people whose debt has led them to experience a mental health crisis.

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  2. 18 Jun 2019

    Figures released today by Citizens Advice Scotland show that there is a wide disparity in the sense of shame people feel about falling for a scam, depending on how old they are.

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  3. 17 Jun 2019

    CAS has responded to today's report by the Royal Society of Edinburgh about the future of the energy sector in Scotland.

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  4. 13 Jun 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has voiced concerns that more than 7,000 fewer households in Scotland received a Council Tax reduction in the past year.

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