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  1. 7 Feb 2018

    Almost a fifth of people who seek advice from Scottish CABs say they never use the internet, with more than half unable to apply for jobs or benefits online without help, according to new research published today by Citizens Advice Scotland.

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  2. 31 Jan 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed news that the House of Commons Scottish Affairs committee is to investigate the issue of unfair delivery fees to northern parts of Scotland.

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  3. 31 Jan 2018

    From 31 January 2018, if you are making a claim for or already getting Universal Credit (UC) in an area where you manage your claim online, you can ask:

    • for your UC to be paid twice monthly rather than monthly
    • to have the housing costs in your UC award paid directly to your landlord. 
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  4. 18 Jan 2018

    Glasgow Citizens Advice Bureaux showcase event

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