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  1. 9 Apr 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has responded to the news that some Universal Credit claimants are having substantial deductions made to their payments in order to pay off debts.

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  2. 1 Apr 2018

    From 1 April 2018, carers in Scotland have new rights. All carers in Scotland are now entitled to an Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP) or a Young Carers Statement (YCS). These replace the old carer’s assessments.

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  3. 28 Mar 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland was announced as the 500th organisation to sign up to Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter at an event in Edinburgh today, with a commitment to increase digital skills and access throughout the Scottish CAB network.


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  4. 19 Mar 2018

    Kinship carers will be able to access more support and information thanks to a newly expanded advice service, launched this week by Citizens Advice Scotland.

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