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  1. 11 Jun 2018

    Author - Rob Gowans, CAS Policy Officer

    Last week the Work and Pensions Secretary made a written statement to Parliament on Universal Credit (UC) which marked some important evolutions in government policy. The key points relate to the transitional protection for clients who are moving from legacy benefits to UC.

    Ministers have often said that these claimants will be protected from any drop in income by ‘transitional protection’. However CAS and CABs have recently been highlighting the losses already being suffered by clients as a result of changes of circumstances, which in full service areas means a move to UC.

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  2. 11 Jun 2018

    by CAS Chief Executive Derek Mitchell

    This article first appeared in the Sunday Herald, 10/06/18.

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  3. 7 Jun 2018

    The Scottish Government's consultation on Local Governance.

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  4. 4 Jun 2018

    CAS Chief Executive Derek Mitchell on the launch of our Scams Awareness Month.

    This column first appeared in the Sunday Herald online on 03 June 2018.


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