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Scottish Citizens Advice Network Statistics

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS), our 59 member Citizen Advice Bureaux (CAB) and the Extra Help Unit (EHU), form Scotland’s largest independent advice network.

Citizens Advice Bureaux deliver frontline advice services in over 280 service points across the country, from city centres to island communities.

The EHU has a team of caseworkers based in Glasgow who assist vulnerable consumers from across Scotland, England and Wales with energy and postal service complaints.

In 2018-19 the Citizens Advice Service network (CAB & EHU), for clients resident in Scotland:

  • Advised over 272,500 clients
  • Dealt with over 730,000 advice issues
  • Assisted clients to completed almost 40,000 benefit forms
  • Recorded over 4,700 tribunal and court outcomes; 88% of the cases were won/upheld
  • Helped clients gain over £131 million
  • The self-help website Advice in Scotland received approximately 3.7 million page views
  • For every £1 funded to cover the CAB core advice service, £10 is returned to the community in client gains.

Of the volunteers whose journey is known, 48% of those leaving the service go on to paid employment or further education.

Over 2,370 volunteers contributed more than 760,000 hours of their time in 2018-19, the monetary value of this contribution amounts to over £10.9M.*

*Volunteer hours (approx. 7 per week, over 46 weeks) calculated using ONS 2018 hourly rate of £14.31 (to reflect volunteer skills and knowledge); multiplied by CAB volunteer hours.