Local Authorities

Citizens Advice Bureaux deliver frontline advice services in 250 service points across the country, from city centres to island communities. CAB record the issues that clients present with when they seek advice. This gives the Scottish CAB service a unique insight into how policies, practices, and processes are impacting on people in local communities across the country.

The CAB service has over 1,500 highly skilled volunteers who donate their time to the service, this creates over £8.1 million in value every year in volunteer hours.


Local Authorities Reports

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Please note:

  • The Extra Help Unit provides Scotland wide advice, as profiles are produced on a geographical basis the Extra Help Unit statistics are only included in national reports.

  • Statistics produced by CAS are as at the time of exporting from CAB systems. Locally produced CAB statistics may slightly differ from the ones reported by CAS due to local amendments after case checking.

  • There is a dedicated CAB office in 29 of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas but not in North Ayrshire, South Ayrshire or Inverclyde. Clients from these areas are supported by the national service.