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Spotlight on: Consumer Futures Unit


  1. 17 Jul 2018

    Scotland’s rural businesses are being held back by parcel delivery surcharges and poor broadband – according to new research published today by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

  2. 27 Jun 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland has given a qualified welcome to the Scottish government’s Fuel Poverty Bill, published today, but we also set out ways in which more progress could be made.

  3. 22 Jun 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed a new website that will help consumers who are fed up with excessive or unfair delivery charges.


  1. Modernising Consumer Markets
    Gail Walker

    Publication date: July 2018

    CAS welcomes the Consumer Green Paper and a stronger push by the UK government for greater simplicity, transparency and fairness for those that purchase and use goods and services.

  2. Gail Walker

    Publication date: February 2018

    The Consumer Futures Unit launches a new water report today. Deliberative research was used to get a deeper understanding of consumers’ views on two important aspects of water policy: service standards across urban and rural areas, and how consumers relate to water and the environment.

    Findings from the research supported stronger engagement between Scotland’s water industry and those that use its services, and that involving consumers in the design and delivery of water and sewerage services is more likely to result in mutual benefits for both the industry and those that use its services.

    The report found that consumers are strong supporters of water and environmental protection and conservation, however they need more help to understand how their behaviour in terms of appropriate disposal of household waste can and will protect both Scottish Water’s assets, and the environment. Moving consumers from being largely disengaged users of water services, to willing and informed partners, will require insight and creativity. The challenge for the water industry and government is to bring this about.

  3. Kristin Hartman

    Publication date: July 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland conducted research into the use of postal services by Scottish SMEs - looking specifically at whether they have access to a meaningful choice of postal products, services and providers. We also wanted to find out if the current postal market is meeting the needs of Scottish SMEs or if any changes are required to improve the products and services available to these consumers.  

  4. Nina Ballantyne

    Publication date: July 2018

    We all use energy, post and water services and Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is the independent advocate for consumers’ interests in these sectors. We work with governments, regulators and business to put consumers first, designing policy and practice around their needs and aspirations.

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