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Spotlight on: Money and debt

Around one in four of the issues brought to Scottish bureaux relate to debt. As well as working with clients in crisis debt situations, many Scottish bureaux undertake financial capability work, including delivering face to face Money Advice Sessions on behalf of the Money Advice Service. The Scottish CAB Service campaigns tirelessly for responsible lending and appropriate solutions for people whose debts have become unmanageable.

Find out more here about our money and debt work.


  1. 26 Apr 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has today published new figures showing the numbers of Scots who struggle to make ends meet.

  2. 9 Oct 2020

    Responding to today's announcement from the Chancellor on an expansion to the Job Support Scheme, CAS Social Justice Spokesperson Mhoraig Green said: 

  3. 7 Oct 2020

    by Mhoraig Green, CAS Strategic Lead on Social Justice.

    This article was first published in the Herald on 7 October 2020.


  1. Publication date: July 2020

    The survey was commissioned by CAS and carried out and designed by Mark Diffley Consultancy and Research Ltd.

  2. Publication date: June 2020

    This submission addresses issues of low pay and employment practices.

  3. Publication date: June 2020

    Technical details:
    • The survey was designed by Mark Diffley Consultancy and Research Ltd
    • Results are based on a survey of 1,050 respondents conducted using the ScotPulse online panel.
    • Wave 1 fieldwork was conducted between 24th and 27th March 2020 and received 1040 responses,
    • Wave 2 fieldwork was conducted between 9th and 12th April 2020 and received 1048 responses,
    • Wave 3 fieldwork was conducted between 7th and 18th May 2020 and received 997 responses,
    • Results are weighted to the Scottish population by gender and age.

  4. Rebecca King

    Publication date: May 2020

    CAS welcomes the opportunity to feed into the work of the Scottish Government's Advisory Group on Economic Recovery. Central to our view of how to stimulate economic growth post-COVID-19 is the principle of protecting household incomes and helping with the cost of living. 

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