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Spotlight on: Money and debt

Around one in four of the issues brought to Scottish bureaux relate to debt. As well as working with clients in crisis debt situations, many Scottish bureaux undertake financial capability work, including delivering face to face Money Advice Sessions on behalf of the Money Advice Service. The Scottish CAB Service campaigns tirelessly for responsible lending and appropriate solutions for people whose debts have become unmanageable.

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  1. 11 Feb 2015

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has today welcomed steps by the Church of Scotland and others to set up credit unions as a low-interest alternative to payday loans and high street bank loans.

  2. 2 Nov 2018

    Citizens Advice advisers are to provide a new service aimed at giving Scots a ‘financial health check’ to see if they are eligible for additional support that they may not know about.

  3. 29 Oct 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland has said the funding announced for Universal Credit in today's budget will not be sufficient to solve the problems in the system.


  1. Ruth Mendel

    Publication date: January 2019

    CAS responded to a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) consultation to support their proposed cap on rent-to-own stores, e.g. Brighthouse.


  2. Ruth Mendel

    Publication date: November 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland responded to the Scottish Government consultation on Draft Statutory Guidance on Funeral Costs.


  3. CAS, Money Advice Scotland and StepChange joint briefing
    Mike Holmyard and Rob Gowans

    Publication date: November 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland, Money Advice Scotland and StepChange believe that the prescriptive period for Council Tax arrears and reserved social security benefits and tax credit debt should be reduced from 20 years to five years. We support amendments which would remove the exemptions in the Bill for these debts.

  4. Causes and Consequences for CAB Clients
    Rob Gowans

    Publication date: October 2018

    Advice in relation to rent arrears has grown by over 40% since 2012, whilst debt-related issues have declined. This report examines the reasons why this steady increase in rent arrears has occurred, as well as who is most likely to be affected. It also looks at how CAB clients cope with being behind on the rent, and how they have managed to escape rent arrears – if they have indeed managed to do so.  

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