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Spotlight on: Money and debt

Around one in four of the issues brought to Scottish bureaux relate to debt. As well as working with clients in crisis debt situations, many Scottish bureaux undertake financial capability work, including delivering face to face Money Advice Sessions on behalf of the Money Advice Service. The Scottish CAB Service campaigns tirelessly for responsible lending and appropriate solutions for people whose debts have become unmanageable.

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  1. 11 Feb 2015

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has today welcomed steps by the Church of Scotland and others to set up credit unions as a low-interest alternative to payday loans and high street bank loans.

  2. 4 Jul 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland Trustee Martyn Buckley has become an official 'Scambassador' for'Friends Against Scams', which is a UK-wide initiative for Trading Standards.  

  3. 2 Jul 2018

    by Ruth Mendel, Policy Officer, Citizens Advice Scotland.

    NB This article first appeared in the Sunday Herald, 01/07/18.


  1. Ruth Mendel

    Publication date: August 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland provided evidence to HM Treasury's pre-paid funeral plans: call for evidence. We focused on the importance of ensuring consumers were both fully informed and protected from harm.

  2. Ruth Mendel

    Publication date: July 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland responded to Financial Conduct Authority's Discussion Paper on Rent to Own, answering questions about 'What alternative solutions could there be to address harm from high prices?' and 'What issues should the Financial Conduct Authority should take into account in carrying out further work on a price‑cap'

  3. Ruth Mendel

    Publication date: June 2018

    Citizens Advice Scotland welcomed the opportunity to respond to this consultation concerning competition and transparency in the provision of funerals and crematoria market power. 

  4. Ruth Mendel

    Publication date: December 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland have published our annual report on burial and cremation charges across Scotland.

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