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Spotlight on: Housing

As economic conditions and benefit changes affect household income, independent advice can be key to keeping people in their home. 


  1. 6 Nov 2017

    From 1 December 2017 a new type of private tenancy will be created in Scotland, known as the Private Residential Tenancy

  2. 19 Jan 2017

    The Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland has today welcomed the vision for a low carbon Scotland contained within the Scottish Government’s third draft Climate Change Plan, but states that consumers must be at the heart of the proposals and policies if it is to be achieved.  

  3. 9 Jun 2016

    The Consumer Futures Unit invites you to register for our upcoming conference ‘Energy in Scotland – the Future for Consumers’ on 29th June.


  1. Causes and Consequences for CAB Clients
    Rob Gowans

    Publication date: October 2018

    Advice in relation to rent arrears has grown by over 40% since 2012, whilst debt-related issues have declined. This report examines the reasons why this steady increase in rent arrears has occurred, as well as who is most likely to be affected. It also looks at how CAB clients cope with being behind on the rent, and how they have managed to escape rent arrears – if they have indeed managed to do so.  

  2. Craig Salter

    Publication date: July 2018

    The social rented sector plays a fundamental role in providing genuinely affordable housing. High quality, energy efficient social housing is vital to Scotland’s communities. Scottish Government data shows that the energy efficiency of housing in the social rented sector has improved over recent years. However, while there have been some reductions in fuel poverty in this sector, the number of households in fuel poverty remains stubbornly high and greater than the national fuel poverty rate.

  3. Scottish Parliament Local Government and Communities Communities Committee
    Rob Gowans

    Publication date: June 2017

    Though not the only driver of homelessness, the past five years have seen a large increase in the number of rent arrears issues dealt with by Scotland’s CAB network. CAS is commencing research to examine the causes and consequences of rent arrears for CAB clients, including those who become homeless as a result. This submission examines CAB data related to homelessness and rent arrears, as well as some of the causes of rent arrears that can lead to evictions and homelessness.

  4. Issues affecting flooded consumers and ability to access affordable insurance
    Fraser Sutherland

    Publication date: September 2016

    CAS undertook a detailed survey research of 178 households in Scotland, over two thirds of which live in a flood risk area based on SEPA analysis.

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