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Spotlight on: Housing

As economic conditions and benefit changes affect household income, independent advice can be key to keeping people in their home. 


  1. 11 Nov 2023

    by Aoife Deery, CAS Housing spokesperson.

    This article was first published in the Herald on 11 November 2023. 

  2. 21 Oct 2023

    by Aoife Deery, CAS housing spokesperson, Social Justice team.

    This article was first published in The Herald on 21 October 2023.

  3. 26 Sep 2023

    Demand for advice around illegal eviction in the private rented sector jumped by 42% in the Scottish CAB network over the course of the year to this summer, according to new data released today (Tuesday) by Citizens Advice Scotland.


  1. Publication date: May 2023

  2. Aoife Deery

    Publication date: April 2023

  3. Lesley Sweetman

    Publication date: July 2022

    This research report looks at the private rented sector in Argyll and Bute and was made possible through the award of Small Impact Grant from Citizens Advice Scotland and delivered in-house by bureau staff. 

    Scoping this work, the bureau had two overarching objectives:

    -   to raise awareness of freely available advice and support to tenants, as all too often tenants are unaware of their rights or approach the bureau only at the stage when they are potentially facing eviction;


    -   to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing private rental tenants in the area which also has a thriving and important tourism sector.

    Through a mix of print, radio and digital promotion, an estimated 20,000 people were reached, helping to raise awareness of the bureau and the advice and support available on a wide range of everyday issues facing local people including advice on housing, debt, employment and welfare.

    Central to this research was a private sector rental survey which was designed to capture the views of those currently renting in that sector, as well as those looking for a private rental in the area.  Completing the survey in full, 155 people shared their views and experiences.  Focus groups followed and provided further opportunity to gain deeper insight into private rental experience. 

    Delivering this report comes at a time of significant and potential change in the private and short term rentals sectors in Scotland.  The report seeks to provide useful insight into the private rental sector in Argyll and Bute, the challenges private sector renters face, and how closely aligned economic prosperity and the availability of safe, secure, warm and affordable homes are to the area.  

  4. Aoife Deery

    Publication date: April 2022

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