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Spotlight on: Energy

A third of people in Scotland struggle to afford their electricity and gas bills. We’re working hard to give them the advice they need to cut their costs and get a good deal. We’re also pushing politicians and energy companies to ensure the energy system works for people.

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If you have an energy problem, you can check our online energy advice

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This page has all the latest news about our work on energy.


  1. Publication date: May 2024

    An evaluation of the "Stressed About Debt?" campaign, which ran from February 2024 until the start of April 2024. 

  2. Publication date: April 2024

    An evaluation of the Worried This Winter? energy support campaign, which ran from November 2023 until the end of January 2024. 

  3. Publication date: January 2024

  4. Publication date: June 2023

    An evaluation of the 2022-23 Big Energy Saving Winter campaign 

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