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A third of people in Scotland struggle to afford their electricity and gas bills. We’re working hard to give them the advice they need to cut their costs and get a good deal. We’re also pushing politicians and energy companies to ensure the energy system works for people.

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  1. 23 Feb 2021

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the passage of the Heat Networks Bill in the Scottish Parliament today.

  2. 5 Feb 2021

    Responding to news the energy price cap is to increase  by £96 for default tariff customers, and by £87 for pre-payment meter customers, Citizens Advice Scotland Fair Markets spokesperson Kate Morrison said

  3. 5 Feb 2021

    Citizens Advice Scotland has today welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s draft Heat in Buildings Strategy


  1. Emily Rice and Alastair Wilcox

    Publication date: March 2021

    Citizens Advice Scotland welcomes this consultation, which reflects the pace and scope of Scotland’s climate ambitions. We are pleased that the Scottish Government has proposed a principle-based, people-centred approach. 

    It is essential that the outcomes of this standard reflect the complex heating, cooling, and ventilation needs of Scotland’s housing stock, and widens accessibility to truly affordable, highly efficient housing for low income and fuel poor households. Developers should be encouraged to follow the best practices of community engagement and ethical business practice so that the full potential of the buildings covered by this standard is realised. To aid developers in making future proof decisions, clear, thorough, and accessible guidance should be issued alongside this standard.

  2. Michael O'Brien

    Publication date: November 2020

    CAS welcomes a one-year extension to the Warm Home Discount scheme to 2021/22. As a result of the time pressures for securing this extension, we recognise the limitations of the proposals outlined. To have a meaningful impact, future changes to the scheme design must be complimented by an increase to the spending envelope. CAS also welcomes a discussion around devolution and the recognition that fuel poverty targeting could potentially be done more effectively at a national level. 

  3. Publication date: November 2020

  4. Publication date: November 2020

    We work on the issues that matter to our network’s clients and our member CAB. Our focus is on delivering advocacy drawn from the experience and insights of the Scottish Citizens Advice network, which is rooted in communities across the country. 

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