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Spotlight on: The economy

At a time when Scotland's people are in great need of high quality, free advice and information, the Scottish CAB Service is far from immune to the impact of cuts in government spending and reductions in the funds available from trusts, foundations and other organisations that support the provision of independent advice.  Frontline CAB offices are under particular pressure to meet expanding demand with limited - and often dwindling - resources.  


  1. Publication date: April 2024

    An evaluation of the Worried This Winter? energy support campaign, which ran from November 2023 until the end of January 2024. 

  2. A CAS consultation response

    Publication date: February 2024

  3. Publication date: July 2023

    An evaluation of the Debt Happens campaign, which ran in Spring 2023. 

  4. Publication date: May 2023

    This briefing considers how the CAB network in Scotland can help deliver a world leading Community Wealth Building agenda in Scotland. 

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