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Spotlight on: The economy

At a time when Scotland's people are in great need of high quality, free advice and information, the Scottish CAB Service is far from immune to the impact of cuts in government spending and reductions in the funds available from trusts, foundations and other organisations that support the provision of independent advice.  Frontline CAB offices are under particular pressure to meet expanding demand with limited - and often dwindling - resources.  


  1. 19 Apr 2022

  2. 16 Jun 2022

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has responded to today’s rise in interest rates from 1% to 1.25%.

  3. 14 Mar 2022

    by Madeleine Kennedy, CAS policy officer (Strong Communities team). 

    This article was first published in the Herald on 14 March 2022.


  1. Publication date: April 2022



  2. Publication date: September 2021

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) gathers evidence from the more than 171,000 clients a year supported by our network. Many of the problems faced by our clients are rooted in or linked to their incomes not being enough to meet their needs and live a dignified life. For many people coming to see us they simply do not have enough money to make ends meet: YouGov in May of this year indicated 1 in 7 Scots is struggling on their present income even with the temporary financial support measures put in place as a result of the pandemic. In fact, 56% or half a million pieces of advice provided by our network every year can be attributed to income maximisation. During the pandemic CABs unlocked £147million for people through things like social security payments, employment entitlements and lower bills for utilities. A Minimum Income Guarantee would mean the Citizens Advice network could ensure people have even more security and opportunity.

    This evidence base, from over 80 years as Scotland’s largest free, impartial and confidential advice network, gives CAS a unique understanding of the issues that IPPR proposes could be addressed by a Minimum Income Guarantee. In addition, our experience supporting clients over the course of the pandemic shows that even those who were coping before the crisis still found themselves vulnerable if their income dropped or costs went up even slightly.

  3. Andrew Fraser

    Publication date: June 2021

    The Stronger Communities team has responded to Ofcom's call for inputs on it's review of postal regulation from 2022 onwards. 

    As the statutory advocate for postal consumers in Scotland, CAS believes that there are particular issues that need to be addressed during the review period that are affecting consumers and SMEs. This includes the affordability of services, the quality of service and the impact of location-based surcharging and refusal to deliver in the parcel market. 

  4. Debbie Horne

    Publication date: November 2020

    CAS produced this data briefing alongside a policy briefing calling for the £20 a week increase to Universal Credit to be made permanent.

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