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Consultation on Introduction of Fees at Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal

CAS responded to the above consultation by the Ministry of Justice.


Key points from our response: 

  • CAS is wholly opposed to proposals to reintroduce issue fees for claimants at Employment Tribunals (ET) as well as appeal fees at the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT).
  • CAS is highly concerned that the consultation questions suggest considerations of increased fees beyond those proposed in this current consultation once the principle of charging fees is established in the employment tribunals system.
  • We urge the Ministry of Justice to ensure access to justice for all is improved in the ET system, by alleviating the power imbalance between employees and workers on the one hand and employers on the other, providing increased support and guidance especially for unrepresented claimants, as well as simplifying enforcement of ET awards. 

To read the response in full, please download the document below. 

Hyo Eun Shin - Strong Communities Team
Publication date
March 2024
Publication type