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Universal Credit figures don't show the problems claimants experience

Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to new figures from the Department of Work & Pensions showing that the number of Universal Credit claimants in Scotland is now almost 222,000.

CAS spokesperson Rob Gowans said,

“Today’s report shows the numbers of people in Scotland claiming UC, but does not reveal anything about their experience of the system. In the Citizens Advice network we see first-hand the problems that many claimants face when they are on this benefit, most notably the fact they have to wait five weeks to receive their first payment.

“Last month we published our own report showing the impact that the five week wait has on people, often pushing them into debt and financial hardship, and even leading to problems with mental or physical health.

“We again urge the UK government to reduce the time between the initial claim and the first payment, and to take whatever steps are necessary to ease the problems people have experienced in making their claim.”




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