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Shoppers report problems when buying food and drink

23 Dec 2016

Scotland’s shoppers can often experience problems when buying food and drink, according to a new report published today by Citizens Advice Scotland. 

The report shows that In the last 18 months the Scottish CAB service has dealt with over 1,000 requests for advice on food and drink issues – mostly reported to our consumer helpline. The problems include scams, counterfeit goods, in-accurate labelling, sale of food past its ‘sell-by’ date, and food containing foreign bodies (e.g. dead insects).

In publishing the report - ‘Eat Drink and Be Wary’ -  CAS is today urging all Scots to know their rights as consumers and to fight back against such instances.           

Publishing the report, CAS Consumer spokesman Fraser Sutherland says,

"As consumers there are few things more important than the food that we eat, and give our children to eat. We should be able to expect the best possible quality and service from anyone who sells us food and drink. Yet the numbers of calls to our consumer helpline show that many Scots are not getting that basic service, and too many traders are falling short. 

"This weekend seemed like a good time of year to highlight that, and to remind people to stand up for their rights, and not to settle for bad quality. The Citizens Advice service is here to help you do that - whether you have been sold faulty goods, bad services or dodgy food and drink. 

"So our message to all consumers in Scotland today is have a great holiday season, and be a savvy shopper! If you’ve bought something this Christmas and it’s not up to the standard you expect, you don’t have to accept that. Complain, report the trader if serious and stand up for your rights as a consumer. Not just now but into the new year as well.

“You can find more information on your consumer rights via our website  And the Citizens Advice consumer helpline is 03454 040506"

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