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Shop around for better energy deals despite price cap change

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) is encouraging consumers to shop around for energy deals despite the latest changes to the energy price cap which come into force this week.

On 1 October 2019 the amount paid by some customers for each unit of energy used will change, but consumers are likely to save more by finding a better deal - either with their current energy supplier or with a new one.

CAS is encouraging consumers to use the Citizens Advice online energy comparison tool which can also show you how a supplier’s customer service stacks up against the competition.

People can also contact their local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to see if they could be paying less for their energy and for advice on whether they are eligible for financial subsidies like the Warm Home Discount which can also reduce bills.

Citizens Advice Scotland Fair Markets spokesperson, Dr Jamie Stewart, said:

“Although the price cap makes sure consumers are paying a fairer price for their energy, it only really lowers costs for those on some of the worst value options like default tariffs paid by customers who haven’t switched for some time.

“The price cap is also only based on charges per unit of energy and customers’ total bills still vary depending on how much energy they use.

“That’s why people will be better off if they shop around for energy deals and the Citizens Advice network can help with that. CABs across Scotland can also give you information on whether you’re eligible for certain grants and benefits which may make it easier to heat your home or pay your bills."