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ScottishPower profits "hard to justify"

Citizens Advice Scotland have said that ScottishPower need to use its profits to help people who are struggling to pay their fuel bills.

As the company reports a doubling in its profits, CAS Chief Executive Margaret Lynch says,

"Over one third of Scottish households are living in fuel poverty, and really struggling hard to pay their bills. CAB advisers regularly see people who say they have to choose between eating and heating. Others have taken out payday loans in order to pay their bills, and so have got into the nightmare of un-manageable debt.

“Against that background, it’s hard to see how ScottishPower can justify increasing peoples’ fuel bills while doubling their own profits. There is something wrong with the energy market when the big companies can make such profits out of the most low income and vulnerable people in Scotland.

"We would like to see the company do more to help its hard-pressed customers, and we would be happy to meet with them to discuss ways they could use these profits to do that.”