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Scottish Government energy efficiency loan – 25% Cashback Special Offer

The Scottish Government Home Energy Efficiency Programmes (HEEPS) include loans to owner occupiers and private sector landlords in Scotland who want to improve the energy efficiency rating of their property. A HEEPS loan is interest free. There is currently a special offer for eligible applicants to receive a grant of 25% of their quoted costs. 

Householders can receive up to £15,000, and landlords with more than one property are eligible for up to £100,000 in total. The repayment period depends on how much you borrow, but those with larger loans can pay back over a 10 year period.

From October 2016, applicants can get a grant of 25% of their quoted costs, up to a maximum of £3,750. This offer is for a limited time and subject to available funding. Applicants must be able to complete the work and claim funding by 10 March 2017 for this offer. The HEEPS loan will be reduced to a maximum of 75% of the cost of eligible works.  The maximum loan value for owner occupiers remains at £15,000.

All applicants, even if they do not go on to complete the work, can claim up to £150 towards the cost of the Green Deal Advice Report that is required before a loan can be approved.

There is more information on this 25% Cashback Special Offer and the energy efficiency measures that are eligible on the Energy Saving Trust website at

There is general information on energy efficiency schemes, including the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes, in Grants and schemes to help with energy bills.