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Royal Mail "universal service" must be protected

22 May 2014

Citizens Advice Scotland have said Royal Mail must maintain the ‘Universal Service Obligation’ *(USO), which protects delivery services for people in remote and rural areas.

Royal Mail have today said that increased competition in the industry is reducing its profits, and warned that this might put the USO at risk.  

Commenting for CAS, Sarah Beattie-Smith says:

"Today’s news from Royal Mail shows that it has come a long way since it was losing money several years ago, largely due to the huge growth in online shopping and parcel deliveries. Consumers in Scotland trust the Royal Mail to deliver their parcels at the same affordable rate across the country, and that highly valued universal service must be maintained, regardless of the challenges posed to Royal Mail by competition.

“It’s vital that all consumers throughout the UK – including those in the more remote and rural areas – can get a fair deal. We would like to see competitor delivery companies matching the Royal Mail in terms of  coverage, rather than ‘cherry picking’ the cheap, easy-to-reach customers. If they can meet that challenge, then consumers in Scotland and across the UK will not only have a high quality, value-for-money postal service but will have real choice in who provides it.” 

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