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New rights for carers

From 1 April 2018, carers in Scotland have new rights. All carers in Scotland are now entitled to an Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP) or a Young Carers Statement (YCS). These replace the old carer’s assessments.

There is no need for the carer to be providing a regular and substantial amount of care in order to get an ACSP or a YCS drawn up.  

The ACSP or YCS will set out details of the care that the carer provides and the impact that this has on their health and their day to day life, as well as how much the carer is able and willing to carry on caring. With young carers, the statement will address whether it is appropriate for the child or young person to be caring for the cared-for person. 

The ACSP or YCS will also give details of any 'personal outcomes' of the carer. These are any day to day goals or longer term aspirations that the carer has so that they can carry on caring if that is appropriate, or have a life alongside caring. Depending on these personal outcomes, the responsible authority may identify needs for support to help the carer achieve those outcomes. Each local authority has its own eligibility criteria which it will use to decide whether the carer will be entitled to support over and above services that are already available to carers or to everyone in that area. 

When a responsible authority draws up an ACSP or a YCS and it identifies a carer who has needs that meet the eligibility criteria, it must consider whether the carer might need a short break to help meet those needs. 

The Scottish Government has produced a Carers’ charter, setting out information about carers’ rights in Scotland. This can be found on the Scottish Government’s website at


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