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National Entitlement Card replacement

13 Dec 2016

A 'OneScotland' card must be replaced before 31 December 2016 for you to continue to get free bus travel.

The National Entitlement Card allows people aged 60 and over, and people with a disability, to travel free on local or Scottish long distance buses.

Local authorities have been replacing old style cards used for concessionary travel for anyone aged 60 or over, and anyone who has a card on grounds of disability. If your local authority has your current address, you should automatically receive your replacement card before 31 December 2016, with no interruption to your free bus travel.

There will no longer be an expiry date for cards issued on the grounds of age. Cards issued on the grounds of disability will continue to have an expiry date, and cardholders will need to provide evidence that they still meet the eligibility criteria when applying for a replacement card.

There is more information about the styles of cards, including the 'OneScotland' card that will no longer be valid after 31 December 2016, and how to find your local contact on the Transport Scotland website at

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