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"Insult to injury" for the poorest Scots families

5 Dec 2012

Citizens Advice Scotland have said the Chancellor’s autumn statement will push more households into poverty, and that the Chancellor’s ‘divisive’ language adds insult to injury for those who are losing out.

CAS Chief Executive Margaret Lynch says:

"Today we have had yet another set of real-term cuts in support for the most vulnerable families in our society. So once again, the burden is falling on those who are least able to bear it.

“For all the talk of recovery, the Chancellor doesn’t seem to understand how bad things are for people on the lowest incomes. Five thousand Scottish families have had to rely on food parcels in the last 6 months. People are already coming to their CAB every day because they are struggling to be able to afford essentials like food and fuel. They may have thought things couldn’t get any worse – but for many of them they just have.

“What makes matters even worse though is the Chancellor’s language. To contrast working people with those on benefits is divisive, and is also insulting to the many people who are out of work through no fault of their own.  Many of those who are currently on benefits are actually in work. And the vast majority of those who are unemployed would love to work, but there are not enough jobs for them. These are the families who are losing out today.

“Pushing vulnerable families into poverty is bad enough, but to do it with such rhetoric adds insult to injury.”


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