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Improved consumer information on the non-domestic water market

8 Dec 2016

A new information leaflet targeting new businesses has been published to set out how they can benefit from the water market in Scotland. The leaflet clearly explains what businesses can be charged for, and how they can switch provider.

Citizens Advice Scotland’s Consumer Futures Unit (“CFU”) worked with the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (“WICS”), Business Gateway, Scottish Water and the Federation of Small Businesses to develop the leaflet which will help to improve outcomes for business consumers in the non-domestic water market in Scotland.

The Consumer Futures Unit’s leaflet complements the existing Scotland on Tap website. It is hoped that the leaflet, by targeting new businesses, will alert them to the wide range of options available, and to ensure customers get the best deals.

The leaflet will be available from the Business Gateway advice network, as well as through other networks in the non-domestic water market. Robert McGeachy, the CFU’s Water Team Manager, said:

“The non-domestic water market in Scotland is at an important stage in its development, with competition increasing and more licensed providers entering the market. It is vital that business consumers in Scotland, particularly SMEs and sole traders, are aware of how to get the best possible deals, and experience the highest levels of customer care, in this changing environment”.

 “The information in the leaflet will help new businesses to avoid getting into debt for water and sewerage charges, and protect their growth and long-term viability”.

Alan Sutherland, the Water Commissioner for Scotland, said:

“The Commission trusts that non-household customers will find this new Leaflet useful in helping them to get the best possible deal in the competitive retail  market”.

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