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Glasgow Jobcentre closures will 'hit the most deprived people'

7 Dec 2016

Citizens Advice Scotland has said that the proposal to close half of Glasgow’s Jobcentres will impact most on those who are already struggling in the city. The charity has also said that many people will not be able to use the internet as an alternative way to access services.

CAS spokesman Rob Gowans says,   

“Our research shows that around one third of Scottish CAB clients are unable to use a computer to apply for work or benefits, due to either lack of access or lack of skills. These people tend to be among the most deprived, and the most financially vulnerable. They rely on access to the face-to-face support that jobcentres provide.

“CAB research has also shown that travel is difficult for some people, particularly those who are sick or disabled, or those who live in areas where public transport is expensive or inadequate.      

“Our concern is that these proposed closures are very extensive, in a city which already has a high number of people who need help to find work and practical access to social security.

“The local CABs across Glasgow are, as always, ready to help anyone who is unable to access these services or concerned about their benefits. CAB help is always free, impartial and confidential.“

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