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Gaelic education

1 Feb 2017

From 1 February 2017 a parent of a child under school age who has not yet started school, can ask their education authority to assess the demand for Gaelic medium primary education (GMPE) in the area. Gaelic medium education is where Gaelic is used as the medium for teaching the language, rather than English.

If an education authority carries out an initial assessment and finds that there is the demand for GMPE for 5 or more children in the same year group in the area, then it must either carry out a full assessment of the need for GMPE in the area or actually take steps to provide GMPE in the area.

The assessment request application form is available on the Scottish Government website at It should also be available on education authority websites, along with statutory guidance on Gaelic education and details of where to send the completed application form. 

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