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Fuel bill summit - measures must only be the beginning

Citizens Advice Scotland say the real test of today’s Fuel Bills summit will be whether people are still freezing in their homes this winter.

CAS Head of Policy Susan McPhee said,

“There are a number of positive measures emerging from the summit, and we are keen to work positively with the government and the industry to make progress. The fact that this meeting even took place is a sign that Ministers have listened to the campaign that we and others have been fighting on this issue.

“But we remain concerned about the sheer scale of this problem. One in three Scottish households is in fuel poverty, and many more are heading that way. The measures announced today need to be implemented quickly, and they must only be the start. Much more needs to be done to ensure a fair deal for consumers.

“Clearer tariffs, better insulation and more information on how to switch suppliers – all of these measures have a role to play. But we have heard similar pledges before. The real test of today’s summit will be whether these measures are implemented in ways which make a real difference to those who are most in need, so that people are no longer freezing in the dark in their own homes.

“CAS will be attending the Scottish Fuel Bills Summit on Thursday and making these points there. We need to see today’s meeting as only the beginning of a new campaign to stamp out fuel poverty. Some of the measures announced today are helpful, but we need to go a lot further.”

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