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Chancellor's spending round 'a missed opportunity' on Universal Credit

Citizens Advice Scotland have said the Chancellor’s Spending Round is a missed opportunity to deal with the problems caused by Universal Credit delays.

CAS Chief Executive Derek Mitchell says,

“This is ultimately a missed opportunity to fix some of the serious problems with Universal Credit, particularly the 5 week wait for the first payment.

Evidence published by Citizens Advice Scotland this week exposed the impact the 5 week wait has on people’s lives – including creating debt or causing existing debt to spiral, leaving people with no money to heat their home or buy food, and exacerbating ill health. 

“The hardship payments for vulnerable people during Universal Credit migration which were mentioned in the Spending Round are welcome, but these are not new and nor do they fix the problems with the system.  

“We would urge the government to prioritise fixing this and reducing the amount of time people need to wait before getting the payment they are entitled to.”


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