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CAS welcomes Young Carer grant

Citizens Advice Scotland have welcomed the announcement of a Young Carer Grant, but has called for further detail on how it will work.

CAS spokesman Rob Gowans says,

“The announcement of the details of a Young Carer Grant is a welcome start towards providing additional financial support for Scotland’s young carers. We look forward to further details on the Grant, including clarity on whether young carers will be given the choice of receiving the Grant in cash, as well as receiving discounts.

“We would also recommend the Scottish Government give further consideration to whether the Young Carer Grant should be extended to young carers under the age of 16.

“As part of the development of a Scottish Carer’s Allowance, CAS would encourage the Scottish Government to equalise access to Carer’s Allowance by removing the current restrictions on carers in full-time education receiving the benefit.

"No young carer should have to choose between caring for their loved one and pursuing their education because of financial considerations.”