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CAS welcomes Ofgem Vulnerable Consumer strategy

Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed Ofgem’s new consumer vulnerability strategy.

The regulator has identified key areas where improvements can be made in the energy sector, including: improvements to customer service and support to those struggling with their bills; encouraging innovation and the smart use of data; and working with partners across multiple sectors.

Dr Jamie Stewart, energy spokesperson at Citizens Advice Scotland, said:

“The Citizens Advice network in Scotland helps hundreds of thousands of people each year and many thousands of those have concerns relating to their energy supply. These difficulties are even more profound for households in vulnerable situations, so we are pleased that the new strategy recognises this.

“The success of the strategy will be dependent on engagement from the energy industry and a recognition that practices must change if we are to improve services for society’s most vulnerable people. We believe that Ofgem’s key areas of focus can help achieve this, but the publication of today’s report is only the start of that process.

“We are particularly encouraged to see that Ofgem plans to step up support for prepayment customers that self-disconnect. Far too many households are still self-disconnecting from their energy supply because they cannot afford to top up. This is particularly relevant in Scotland where the percentage of households with a prepayment meter is higher than the British average.”


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