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CAS welcomes new anti-scams funding from Martin Lewis and Facebook

Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the announcement of new funding to help in the fight against scams, as a new partnership is unveiled today between the UK’s Citizens Advice network, Facebook and Money-saving expert, Martin Lewis.

A new, dedicated online scams service, funded by Facebook’s £3m donation following a legal settlement with Mr Lewis, will give specialist one-on-one help to people across the UK who are worried they’re being scammed, and those who have already lost money. It will also undertake scams prevention work to identify, tackle and raise awareness of online scams.

Citizens Advice Scotland’s Chief Executive Derek Mitchell said:

“This new service is a terrific boost to the work we are already doing to raise awareness of scams in Scotland.

“Our message has always been the more people are talking about scams, the better armed we are against them. Now people in Scotland can get dedicated help about online scams.

“A scam is a crime, and should be treated as such. With this excellent new help we can amplify that message and help the fightback against those who would defraud people in Scotland of their hard-earned money.

“The Scottish CAB network helps hundreds of thousands of people in Scotland every year, and we want people to know that if they need support they can come to us.”



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