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A Big Success: NACAS stages volunteer and partnership day

A Big Lottery-funded activity day organised by Bureaux and attended by over thirty partner organisations has been staged in Seamill. North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service’s (NACAS) ‘Big Event’ saw volunteers, staff and board members gather to exchange ideas and meet staff from charities and agencies they regularly work with.

Present at the event were delegates from Arran, Irvine, Kilbirnie, Largs and Saltcoats CABs. They visited stalls hosted by organisations from AIMS Advocacy to Women’s Aid, and completed a relationship-building ‘Partnership Quiz’. CAB delegates then heard speeches from NACAS chair Ian Ness and General Manager Nina Smith, before breaking off into groups to discuss future NACAS direction.

The Big Event also sought to recognise and reward the dedication, loyalty and achievements of NACAS volunteers, as well as welcome newly-qualified Advisers to the fold.

Kilbirnie CAB volunteer – and compere for the day – Alistair McLean said: ‘Our volunteers brought all their experience to the event and learnt about our many partners and what they can do to help us evolve as we go forward’, while Nina Smith added ‘Another aim was for our volunteers to get to know each other – we’re multi-site so it was a chance to get everyone together - board, staff and volunteers - and recognise the essence of volunteering.’

The Big Day was supported and attended by two members of the CAS Community Action Team and a development officer.

Here's a video of the day: 

NACAS Big Event from CAS Community Action Team on Vimeo.

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