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Benefits cap will hit 10,000 Scottish children

Citizens Advice Scotland have said the benefit cap will affect 4,600 households in Scotland, including up to 10,000 children.

From today (15 July 2013) the UK Government is capping on the total amount of benefit that working-age people can receive. Over half of the households affected will lose at least £50 per week, while over a quarter will lose at least £100 per week (over £5,000 per year).

Citizens Advice Scotland’s Chief Executive Margaret Lynch says,

"This cap comes on top of a long series of other benefit cuts, and so is just the latest blow to hit hard-pressed families in Scotland. We estimate that over 10,000 children are going to be worse off as result. And many of these will be in households which are already disadvantaged and struggling on low incomes.

"The people affected will be those in areas where rents are higher, but that doesn’t mean they are well-off. In fact it could mean they struggle even more than most to make ends meet. Some families will be really hammered. We estimate that 1,300 families will be at least £5,000 worse off per year as a result of this cap. That’s a huge amount to lose if you are on a low income.

"And the money they will lose is not being spent on luxuries, but on essential living costs. In practice those affected by this cap will be faced with three choices. They will either have to cut back on rent, food or fuel. That’s the reality of this benefits cap. Families with children will face eviction, poverty, hunger and cold."

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