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  1. 12 Sep 2019

  2. 10 Sep 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has voiced concerns that around 9,000 fewer households in Scotland claimed Council Tax Reduction (CTR) in the past year.

  3. 9 Sep 2019

    Responding to the Scottish Government’s announcement of a new Funeral Support Payment, Derek Mitchell, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Scotland, said:

  4. 4 Sep 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said the Chancellor’s Spending Round is a missed opportunity to deal with the problems caused by Universal Credit delays.

  5. 3 Sep 2019

    Responding to the announcement today of the Programme for Government, Citizens Advice Scotland’s Head of Energy policy Dr Jamie Stewart said:

  6. 3 Sep 2019

    Responding to Programme for Government announcing that the £10 Scottish Child Payment will be brought forward to Christmas 2020 for children under six, Citizens Advice Scotland Social Justice spokesperson Mhoraig Green said:

  7. 3 Sep 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has called for action to reduce the ‘5 week wait’ that claimants of Universal Credit (UC) face before receiving their first payment.

  8. 2 Sep 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland is today (Monday) launching its latest effort to help consumers beat online scammers.

  9. 24 Aug 2019

    Increasing numbers of working people in Scotland are struggling on their present incomes, new analysis from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) reveals.

  10. 22 Aug 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to the news that 50,000 people in Scotland have applied to the EU Settlement scheme, seeking leave to remain in Scotland after Brexit.

  11. 20 Aug 2019

    The Money Talk Team national advertising campaign, co-ordinated by the Scottish Government, launched on Monday 19th August. 

  12. 13 Aug 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has called for an urgent investigation into the sanctions system as new figures released by the Department of Work and Pensions today reveal a quarter of a million people across the UK have been sanctioned under Universal Credit.

  13. 13 Aug 2019

    A support service delivered by Citizens Advice Scotland has helped almost 15,000 members of the Armed Forces community in less than a decade.

  14. 13 Aug 2019


    The new website for the Kinship Care Advice Service for Scotland will be launched at our event for Kinship Carers at the Five Sisters zoo in West Lothian on Tuesday 13th August 2019. The website contains information about the service, up to date news and how to access support. There will be a section where our publications will be accessible, this is still in the development stage and should be up and running shortly, please have a look at  If you wish to have copies of any of our leaflets or guidance sheets please get in touch with me or with your regional Kinship Care officer.

  15. 12 Aug 2019

    Best Start Foods is a new Scottish benefit to help people on low incomes who are pregnant or who have young children. It can only be used to buy certain types of food, such as milk, formula milk, fruit and vegetables. 

  16. 11 Aug 2019

    A support service launched by a group of charities has helped almost 15,000 members of the Armed Forces community despite being set up less than a decade ago.

  17. 8 Aug 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has rolled out an extended telephone service to help EU, EEA and Swiss nationals stay in Scotland after Brexit.

  18. 6 Aug 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has outlined 3 key steps to improve housing affordability for people on low incomes.

  19. 1 Aug 2019

    Over 13,000 households in Scotland have been hit by the Benefit Cap, according to new statistics published today.

  20. 30 Jul 2019

    Applications for crisis grants from the Scottish Welfare Fund increased by 11 per cent In 2018/19, as more people in Scotland turned to the fund due to the cost of living crisis.


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