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Rising cost of childcare leads to financial struggles for many Scots

Citizens Advice Scotland has said the rising cost of childcare is a contributing factor in many Scottish households’ struggles with money.

The statement comes in response to the Bank of Scotland’s ‘How Scotland Lives’ report, which shows that parents in Scotland are spending 28% more on childcare than they were three years ago.

Mike Holmyard, Financial Health spokesperson for Citizens Advice Scotland, says: 

“This is another example of the money in people’s pockets not going far enough. The cost of food is rising, the cost of fuel is rising and this is the latest cost rise for parents, families and carers.

“What we see in the CAB network is that so many people are really struggling to get by at the moment. Nothing is getting cheaper, and certain things are getting more and more expensive. 

“In term of childcare, not everyone has grandparents or aunts and uncles who can help out. And if you can’t afford childcare and have to take care of your children yourself, that impacts on your ability to get a job, so the cycle of low income continues.

“If people are struggling with financial issues like this, we would recommend they contact their local Citizens Advice Bureau for free, confidential money advice. You can also get our free Financial Health Check by calling 0800 085 7145. This will help identify possible ways to save money and access any grants you may be entitled to.”