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  1. Tracey Reilly
    Publication date:
    September 2020

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has responded to the Equalities and Human Rights Committee’s inquiry into the impacts of COVID-19.

  2. Scottish Government consultation
    Rob Gowans
    Publication date:
    September 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland welcomes the opportunity to respond to the consultation, which builds on the previous consultation on the same subject carried out in 2009. Scotland’s CAB network has expertise in addressing socio-economic inequalities through the provision of independent advice, including income maximisation, benefits and money advice to groups who would be considered a priority in considering how the Socio-Economic Duty might be applied.

  3. Keith Dryburgh
    Publication date:
    April 2014

    Our series of briefings ‘Voices from the Frontline’ show the reality of the impact of current welfare changes on the people of Scotland. We highlight the experiences of the thousands of clients advised by CAB in Scotland and make recommendations for change.

  4. Keith Dryburgh
    Publication date:
    November 2013

    In April 2013, an estimated 82,000 households in Scotland were affected by the under occupancy penalty for social housing – often referred to as the ‘bedroom tax’. These households have experienced an average reduction in housing support of around £11 per week, a loss of £53 million annually across Scotland. In the six months after the change, over 1,600 affected people sought advice on the ‘bedroom tax’ at a CAB in Scotland, and we are starting to get a picture of the social impact of the policy.

  5. the impact of the IB/ESA migration on Scotland's people, communites, and services
    Keith Dryburgh
    Publication date:
    February 2012

    A report into the effect of the migration from Incapacity Benefit to Employment Support Allowance on Scotland's claimants

  6. Publication date:
    October 2009

    Briefing which provides a summary of issues encounterd by clients applying for and/or claiming ESA.

  7. Publication date:
    June 2009

    Drowning in Debt briefing sheet which focuses on clients with ill health or disabilities.

  8. Publication date:
    October 2008

    Briefing sheet which outlines the key findings of the Continental Drift report on A8 migrant workers and their advice needs. 

  9. Understanding advice and information needs for A8 migrant workers in Scotland
    Helen Crowley
    Publication date:
    October 2008

    Evidence report looking at the advice and information needs of clients from A8 countries. A8 countries are Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

    The research findings are intended to help Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) better understand the interface between this new client group and the capacity and ability of bureaux to deal with their needs. The research will contribute to the evidence base on new migrants in Scotland and inform CAS’s policy recommendations.

  10. Clare Lardner, Clarity
    Publication date:
    June 2006

    A report looking at the experiences of CAB clients who are claiming disability living allowance or incapacity benefit.

  11. Publication date:
    May 2006

    Briefing paper on the experiences of CAB clients who are migrant workers in Scotland.