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  1. Publication date:
    August 2020

    Impact report on 10 years of the Armed Services Advice Project (ASAP).

  2. Claire Williams
    Publication date:
    June 2020

    Citizens Advice Scotland delivers free, independent, confidential advice and support for patients of the NHS in Scotland through the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS). 

  3. Publication date:
    May 2020

    A report on the activity of the EU Citizens Support Service following its first year in operation.

  4. Period 1 October 2018 - 30 September 2019
    Claire Williams
    Publication date:
    November 2019

    Over the last project year we supported 2,347 individuals, and gave advice over 12,300 times, achieving a client financial gain of over £3.3 million. The full report, which includes more detailed statistics, an overview of activities and case studies, can downloaded below. 

  5. Christine Lang
    Publication date:
    July 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland delivers free, independent, confidential advice and support for patients of the NHS in Scotland through the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS). 

  6. Period 1 October 2017 - 31 March 2018
    Claire Williams
    Publication date:
    May 2018

    Over the last six months we supported 1319 clients with 5,969 new and repeat issues, achieving a client financial gain of over £1M.

    From the start of the service on 1 July 2010 to 31 March 2018, ASAP has supported approximately 12,500 individual clients with more than 62,500 new and repeat issues.

    The full report can be downloaded below. 

  7. Peter Beckett
    Publication date:
    March 2017

    As part of the Scottish Government funding to help bureaux mitigate the impact of Social Security changes, CAS commissioned an external researcher to carry out qualitative research to increase our understanding of:

    • The main drivers of effective partnerships between bureaux and other organisations in reaching out to individuals
    • The benefits to the organisations involved
    • The added-value for clients supported.

    The study also set out to capture the impact on individuals and the bureaux as a result of the changes to social security benefits and the roll out of Universal Credit. 

  8. Publication date:
    May 2015

    This short leaflet introduces the Armed Services Advice Project, provides information about who the service is for and what kinds of problems we can help with, and how to get in touch with us.

  9. Keith Dryburgh and Katey Tabner
    Publication date:
    November 2014

    The Armed Services Advice Project (ASAP) was established in 2010 to be a focal point for the Armed Forces Community (AFC) in Scotland for access to advice, information and support, while working closely with key partner organisations to ensure that clients receive the most appropriate support.

    This report provides an update to the findings of the Civvy Street: The New Frontline report which was published in 2012. The report examined the advice needs of members of the Armed Forces Community, looking at whether and how they differed from those of the average citizens advice bureau client. The report found that while the advice needs of veterans did not differ considerably from those of the average client, it was the complexity and severity of these problems that marked them as different.

    Two years on, this report examines whether the recent trends in advice need, such as payday loans and food parcels, have affected veterans and whether their support needs have changed.

  10. Publication date:
    June 2014

    ‘Kinship care’ is the term for people who look after children who are part of their extended family. They can be the grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles or close friends of children whose parents are no longer able to care for them. These people do a great service for the children by providing a stable family home and to society by saving the money that would be spent if the state needed to care of these children.

  11. Publication date:
    April 2012

    A poster to be used to advertise the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS)

  12. Alizeh Hussain
    Publication date:
    December 2011

    In response to Members' Debate in the Scottish Parliament on 16 December 2010.

  13. Publication date:
    October 2010

    Briefing sheet to accompany the Relative Value report on kinship carers in Scotland

  14. The experiences of kinship carers using the Scottish CAB Service.
    Keith Dryburgh
    Publication date:
    October 2010

    All across Scotland, thousands of people care for children, because their natural parents are unable to do so. These are often grandparents, aunts and uncles but can also be family friends. People who look after children in these kinds of circumstances are often known as 'kinship carers'.

    This research is looks at the experiences of a sample of 368 kinship carers who called the Kinship Care Helpline or visited a bureau for advice between January and December 2009.

  15. Publication date:
    March 2009

    Briefing sheet exploring the issues faced by people looking after children that are not their own. 

  16. David Brownlee
    Publication date:
    August 2008

    A consultation response from CAS regarding the Scottish Government veterans consultation.

  17. David McNeish
    Publication date:
    December 2007

    Briefing which focuses on kinship care and the importance of advice and information provision for kinship carers.