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  1. 13 Oct 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland have today published a report highlighting the problems that face people who care for children who are part of their extended family.

  2. 30 Sep 2010

    People with disabilities, lone parents and the long-term jobless all need better support to help them back into work, according to a new report published today by national charity Citizens Advice Scotland and Citizens Advice (England and Wales).

  3. 21 Sep 2010

    Chancellor George Osbourne has announced cuts to child benefit which have been slammed by the Scottish Campaign on Welfare Reform SCoWR.

  4. 31 Aug 2010

    NB Embargo: 0001 on Wednesday 1st September 2010

    Over 300 advisers from Scotland’s 83 Citizens Advice Bureaux are meeting today (Wednesday) in Edinburgh for the start of their annual conference, against a background of higher demand for advice than ever – due to the impact of the recession.

  5. 25 Aug 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland have backed the Institute of Fiscal Studies report on how the Budget will hurt the poorest families, and have said that impact could be worse in Scotland than elsewhere.

  6. 12 Aug 2010

    Official figures issued today reveal that over a quarter of a million people have been ‘lost’ in the process of welfare benefit reform.

  7. 10 Aug 2010

    The Scottish Campaign on Welfare Reform (SCoWR) has hit out at the Prime Minister’s plans to clampdown on “benefit fraudsters”.

  8. 5 Aug 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland is today (Thursday) launching its first ever national survey of young people in Scotland.

  9. 19 Jul 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland have backed Business Secretary Vince Cable’s comments today on banks, saying that government action on the issue is long overdue.

  10. 14 Jul 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have reacted to the latest increase in unemployment in Scotland, urging the government to make sure that vulnerable Scots are not left behind.

  11. 8 Jul 2010

    The Citizens Advice movement in Scotland has teamed up with the ‘Young Scot’ organisation to help young people through the economic crisis.

  12. 6 Jul 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has warned there is a risk of an unacceptable gap between real incomes in Scotland and those required to avoid poverty.

  13. 12 Jun 2010

    A major report issued today by Citizens Advice in England and Wales highlights a number of concerns about the Employment Support Allowance (ESA).

  14. 10 Jun 2010

    Evidence published today (Thursday 10th June 2010) by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) shows that Scotland’s main banks are still ‘hammering’ their customers by imposing unfair overdraft fees.

  15. 2 Jun 2010

    Former Gretna and Morton FC manager Davie Irons has left football behind to join a new team – the Citizens Advice Bureau.

  16. 26 May 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) are calling for an overhaul of a ‘deeply flawed’ benefit which they say is causing ‘unnecessary misery and hardship’ for thousands of sick and disabled people in Scotland.

  17. 21 May 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland have welcomed news that the new coalition government is to crack down on unfair bank charges.

  18. 21 Apr 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have said the figures on the recession are welcome, but warned that the impact on vulnerable people in Scotland will continue for some time.

  19. 8 Apr 2010

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) have backed a report issued today (Thursday) by the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee which calls for action to help the growing numbers of people who are struggling to cope with debt.

  20. 30 Mar 2010

    It is time for a system which lifts people out of poverty and treats them with dignity.

    The Scottish Campaign on Welfare Reform, a coalition of over 40 key Scottish charities is calling on leaders of all the main political parties to support their Manifesto for Change.


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