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  1. 1 Apr 2016

    Author - Rob Gowans, CAS Policy Officer

    Today’s introduction of the ‘National Living Wage’ is a welcome increase to the national minimum wage for some of Scotland’s lowest paid workers. However despite the name, it’s important that it’s not confused with the existing voluntary Living Wage which continues to have an important part to play in tackling in-work poverty and encouraging decent work.

  2. 1 Apr 2016

    Today sees the launch of the new ‘National Living Wage’, which promises a pay rise for one million low paid workers in the UK. What is it? Should I be paid it? What can I do if I’m not? Find out in our quick guide to the new minimum wage.

  3. 30 Mar 2016

    Social policy researchers from Perth and Stirling bureaux have published a report following a collaborative study of funeral costs in Perth & Kinross and Stirling Districts. The report outlines a mixed method research study which set out to explore the causes of increasing funeral costs locally, to identify weaknesses in existing protocols and support systems pertaining to funerals, and to make recommendations for change.

  4. 21 Mar 2016

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the Fair Work Framework for Scotland, which has been launched today by the Fair Work Convention.

  5. 18 Mar 2016

    Citizens Advice Scotland has today announced an independent review of its governance framework, with the aim of making the charity a model within the sector for progressive governance.

  6. 14 Mar 2016

    The following changes to PIP were cancelled on 21st March after being announced by the UK Govt as part of the 2016 Budget. 

    Stephen Crabb, the new Work and Pensions Secretary confirmed cancellation of the changes on Tuesday.

  7. 11 Mar 2016

     Author - David Moyes, CAS Policy Officer

    Have you ever found that a parcel delivery to your home has been left in a strange place, and perhaps lost or damaged as a result?

  8. 11 Mar 2016

    15 March 2016, 10.30am - 2pm, MacDonald Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh

    Citizens Advice Scotland’s Consumer Futures’ non-domestic water market event will be of interest to all charities which have been affected by issues relating to the billing and collection of water charges, including debt recovery practice.

  9. 10 Mar 2016

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed today’s announcement by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on the energy market, but has said more must be done to make sure the changes help vulnerable consumers.

  10. 8 Mar 2016

    Many online companies are using ‘dodgy tactics’ to lure people into subscriptions they don’t want. That’s the finding of a new report by the Citizens Advice service.

  11. 23 Feb 2016

    From 6 April 2016, all dogs in Scotland over 8 weeks old must be microchipped and their owner’s details registered and kept up to date in a database. 

  12. 3 Feb 2016

    Foundation Scotland has set up a Flood Recovery Fund to relieve hardship across Scotland caused directly or indirectly by storm damage and flooding in December 2015 and early 2016. The fund is open to individuals or families, and community organisations involved in the flood relief effort.

  13. 3 Feb 2016

    A new report on funeral poverty by CAS has found funeral director and local authority costs should be more consistent and bereavement support more widely available.

  14. Citizens Advice Scotland and the Scottish Flooding Forum are inviting anyone who has been affected by flooding to participate in a short survey. We are keen to find out if flooding issues have affected the cost of your property insurance, and how. 

  15. 24 Dec 2015

    Ofgem announced recently that it is fining Npower a record £26 million for multiple breaches of their energy licence conditions as well as the standards of conduct.  The Extra Help Unit played a key part in collecting detailed evidence and analysis of poor customer service, which was provided to Ofgem's enforcement team throughout this process, including information and analysis about the issues consumers have been contacting the Extra Help Unit and Consumer Service about.  

  16. 14 Dec 2015

    Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to the report by the Commission on Local Taxation, which has recommended an end to the Council Tax and its replacement by a fairer system.

  17. 10 Dec 2015

    Holyrood Must Use New Powers To Create Fairer Welfare System

    Over a third of benefit claimants surveyed by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) in the last few months say they are ‘unable to get by’ on the income they receive, and regularly need the help of family, friends or foodbanks.

    The figures are published today (Thursday) as CAS sets out its vision of how Scotland’s new social security system should work, after the devolution of significant new powers through the Scotland Bill.

  18. 3 Dec 2015

    ScottishPower’s Warm Home Discount Scheme 2015/2016 has now closed to new applicants.

  19. 1 Dec 2015

    From 6 April 2016, if you live in Scotland, some of your Income Tax will be paid to the Scottish Government. This is a change from the current system where all Income Tax is paid to the UK Government. HMRC will be contacting you shortly to check if you are a Scottish tax payer.

  20. 25 Nov 2015

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced the UK Government’s Spending Review and Autumn Statement. It contains a number of changes to social security benefits. As has been widely reported, previously announced cuts to tax credits have been reversed (although not in their entirety), but the equivalent changes in Universal Credit remain. The Chancellor also announced changes to Housing Benefit, JSA and ESA.


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