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Volunteer to help with publicity and promotion

Citizens advice bureaux need to raise and maintain their profile in the community. Will you volunteer your help?

Citizens advice bureaux need to establish and maintain a public profile to make sure that:

  • Potential service users know the CAB exists and what it offers
  • Volunteers are aware of all the different things you can do in a bureau
  • Funders recognise what great value there is in supporting their local CAB
  • Politicians and decision-makers respect the contribution of the social policy evidence provided by the Scottish CAB Service.

Promotional work is one of the responsibilities of the CAB’s committee of management. Examples of activities this might involve include:

  • writing press releases
  • organising publicity events
  • building and maintaining a website for the bureau
  • creating leaflets and posters

If you think that you can help, contact your local bureau directly or apply online to find out how you can get involved.