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Volunteer for a board / management committee

Every citizens advice bureau has a board of directors or management committee responsible for running the organisation and meeting the aims of the CAB service in Scotland.

The board / management committee is a voluntary group of people with the key role of ensuring that the bureau fulfils all its legal obligations and operates efficiently and according to good practice guidelines.

Some of the things that board /management committees are involved in include:

  • Financial matters, for example budget reviewing, fundraising and planned service developments
  • Promotion and awareness raising, to make sure that the bureau is well known in the area it serves
  • Working with the bureau manager and Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) to make sure that quality standards are being met in the bureau
  • Devising the bureau’s business plan, and monitoring its implementation
  • Making sure the bureau is fulfilling its responsibilities as an employer of paid staff

What kinds of people sit on CAB boards / management committees?

Each CAB is a separate registered Charity and for your local bureau to be effective a wide range of experience is required. You don’t need to be a qualified professional to sit on a CAB board / management committee – bureaux need people of all ages, skills and experiences so that everyone can learn from each other.

Does this sounds like you?

  • Aware of local issues
  • Committed to the Aims and Principles of the Service
  • Able to think creatively and exercise good, independent judgement
  • Work effectively as a team
  • Happy to improve awareness of Equality and Diversity issues
  • Able to understand and accept the responsibility of being a trustee and employer
  • Perhaps you have a specific skill you can offer

Apply to be a volunteer online or contact your local bureau if you’d like to find out more about what volunteering vacancies are available at your local bureau.