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Extending labour market interventions to in-work claimants

Consultation response

The Department for Work and Pensions is asking for ideas about how they can make jobsearch requirements work for in-work benefit claimants.  Read CAS' response here.

As part of Universal Credit, benefit claimants who are working but who aren't earning enough will be required to jobsearch as a requirement of receiving their benefits.  The minimum earning threshold will be 35 hours a week x the minimum wage.  If people don't earn this they will have to try to extend their working hours or improve their rate of pay.

The Government is looking for ideas for how to make this work.

Here CAS draws on the experience of bureaux across Scotland to identify what will need to change in the operation of the current system to make it work for benefit claimants who are currently working.  We recommend that the Government plans carefully for the introduction of this policy by piloting the scheme, and monitor and evaluate its implementation, to make sure that it does not make conditions worse for employees.  The current use of sanctions would not be appropriate for in-work claimants. Clear guidance and advice will be important to help claimants make appropriate decisions about employment.


Beth Reid
Publication date
March 2013
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