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CAS briefing on Welfare Reform Bill as amended in House of Lords

A briefing to Scottish MPs on the seven amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill brought forward and passed by the House of Lords prior to the Westminster debate on the 1st February 2012. The briefing looks at the negative impact of the bill on the people, society and economy of Scotland, and discusses ways in which the proposed amendments would decrease these impacts.

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) believes aspects of the UK Welfare Reform bill will have a damaging impact on the people and services of Scotland, including the loss of £2.5 billion (DWP figures to the Scottish Parliament Health & Sport Committee) to the Scottish economy. We believe that the seven amendments to the bill that have been brought forward and passed by the House of Lords are reasonable and will reduce some of the negative impacts that the original proposals in the bill would lead to for the people of Scotland. We discuss the impact of this bill on Scotland‟s people, services, and economy in this briefing.

Keith Dryburgh and Matt Lancashire
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January 2012
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