CAS Governance Review 2016

In April 2016, CAS commissioned Deloitte to conduct an independent governance review, with a view to developing a set of recommendations to ensure that governance arrangements at CAS are reflective of best practice.

The governance review and CAS response have now been published and include 32 recommendations to improve governance arrangements at CAS. The CAS board has noted the report and unanimously agreed the recommendations.

The CAS board has established a subcommittee, the Transition Committee, to plan for the implementation of the recommendations. This committee is made up of both bureaux and external trustees and will work with the Senior Management Team within CAS in four workstreams:

  • Articles: to make the necessary changes to the organisation’s ‘Articles of Association’ which will allow the recommendations to be delivered
  • Recruitment: to develop and implement a new recruitment and selection process for all Board members in line with the recommendations
  • Member engagement: to plan and deliver the necessary consultations and events required to ensure full consultation and engagement with the members in the governance review and the recommendations
  • Communications: to support the publication of the report and the ongoing communications required throughout the implementation period to ensure full transparency

Three members meetings on the recommendations have now taken place and a detailed implementation plan is being developed ahead of a members vote on some priority changes on 23 Novermber 2016.

Further information on members’ consultation and engagement is available and will be updated regularly.

Questions about the governance review can be submitted by email, and all questions and answers will be published in full.