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Working with parliament

We use the parliamentary process, both in Westminster and Holyrood, to present our policy evidence to politicians.  Our aim is to effect change that will benefit not just CAB clients but Scotland's citizens as a whole.

CAS briefing for the Work Capability Assessment debate

A briefing to Scottish MPs for the Westminster Hall Debate on the ESA Work Capability Assessment, 1st February 2011.

CAS briefing on Welfare Reform Bill as amended in House of Lords

A briefing to Scottish MPs on the seven amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill brought forward and passed by the House of Lords prior to the Westminster debate on the 1st February 2012. The briefing looks at the negative impact of the bill on the people, society and economy of Scotland, and discusses ways in which the proposed amendments would decrease these impacts.

Work for change

Fundamental to the work of the Scottish CAB Service is a commitment to using the combined experiences of our clients - Scotland's citizens - to improve laws, rules, policies and procedures and prevent problems currently being experienced from recurring in the future.  

The CAS Social Policy team produce a range of highly regarded publications.  These clearly describe the problems that people bring to their local CAB, and also make recommendations for how to fix these problems at source.

Produce and promote public information

The Information Team at Citizens Advice Scotland regularly work with other organisations on public information materials. The type of work CAS can do ranges from checking material - and in particular checking material produce by non-Scottish based organisations for accuracy in Scotland - to working in close partnership to research and write new material.

Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau values and principles

The Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau Service is guided by 12 principles:

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We've tried to design this site so that disabled users face no barriers when accessing content. This page contains information about how we have made the site accessible and tips to help you read content.  At the bottom of the page we've added links to other sites which have useful information on accessing websites for disabled people.

Volunteer to analyse evidence and make the case for social change

Bureau social policy co-ordinators use information from problems brought to the bureau by clients to help bring about real change. 


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