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Engaging Hearts and Minds: A study into conducting successful engagement for communities and organisations

Citizens Advice Scotland is today publishing a new guide for how organisations can take the public with them when planning new building developments or other activities. Based on joint research carried out with Scottish Water and the Customer Forum, the CAS report captures the components of best practice community engagement, which we believe should be at the centre of organisations’ community engagement policy and practice.

26 Apr 2019

CAS Consultation Response: UK Consumer Green Paper

CAS welcomes the Consumer Green Paper and a stronger push by the UK government for greater simplicity, transparency and fairness for those that purchase and use goods and services.

'Untapped Potential: Consumer views on water policy'

The Consumer Futures Unit launches a new water report today. Deliberative research was used to get a deeper understanding of consumers’ views on two important aspects of water policy: service standards across urban and rural areas, and how consumers relate to water and the environment.

Findings from the research supported stronger engagement between Scotland’s water industry and those that use its services, and that involving consumers in the design and delivery of water and sewerage services is more likely to result in mutual benefits for both the industry and those that use its services.

The report found that consumers are strong supporters of water and environmental protection and conservation, however they need more help to understand how their behaviour in terms of appropriate disposal of household waste can and will protect both Scottish Water’s assets, and the environment. Moving consumers from being largely disengaged users of water services, to willing and informed partners, will require insight and creativity. The challenge for the water industry and government is to bring this about.

8 Nov 2016

Invitation to Tender

The Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland is very pleased to invite you to tender for research into  Improving information and signposting for users and managers of private water supplies. Our Specification of Requirement sets out the research scope and timescales for delivery. Please also download a Pricing Schedule.

The closing date for clarification questions is Friday 16 September 2016 and we would ask that tenders are submitted by Friday 30 September 2016.

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Invitation to Tender: Specification of Requirement for research

Invitation to Tender

 Citizens Advice Scotland invites you to tender for research into Flooding and Capital Investment: the extent of community involvement in flood prevention schemes.

19 Oct 2015
For action by
19 Oct 2015

Getting divorced in Scotland

This fact sheet tells you about divorce in Scotland. It includes guidance for what to think about and the practical steps you need to take. If you need it, you can get more advice from your local CAB.

Citizens Advice Scotland – Response to Ofcom’s call for inputs: Review of measures to protect people in debt or at risk of disconnection

The day-to-day activities of citizens are becoming increasingly dependent on their ability to use telecommunications services, such as mobile phones, broadband or landlines. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the essential nature of online connectivity and access to internet data, with many people relying on internet access for working from home, staying informed or interacting with welfare services.


Executive Summary


CAS generally supports the measures proposed by Ofcom. In summary:

  • The voluntary measures to support consumers introduced by providers during the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic were welcomed by CAS, as an effective response that has assisted in reducing consumer detriment over the past year.
  • With consumers facing potential economic uncertainty as furlough and support schemes taper and Universal Credit uplifts look likely to be reversed, we believe it is timely to reconsider whether the protections for people in debt or struggling to pay remain appropriate, or whether there is a case for strengthening them.
  • CAS supports measures which allow consumers in debt or at risk of disconnection to be treated fairly and have every opportunity to resolve these issues before disconnection takes place or service restrictions are imposed.
  • CAS welcomes proposals to improve how providers identify and communicate with vulnerable consumers.
  • CAS agrees that there should be more consistency in the ways providers communicate regarding debt and the ways they seek to obtain payment from customers in debt.
  • CAS would wish to see the Consumer Principles embedded within the development of future measures, guidance, and regulations.
  • CAS remains concerned regarding affordability issues and would welcome an early engagement approach by providers which aims to prevent a build up of debt
  • We believe that further work is required to encourage providers to not only provide but to actively encourage take up of social tariffs for consumers who may be at risk of falling into debt.


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