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Risky Business: SME views of decarbonisation, the energy market, and COVID-19

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of Scotland’s economy. What options do they have in the energy market? This paper is meant to provide a baseline for the SME engagement with the decarbonisation agenda and energy market, on which future research and engagement can be built.

12 May 2021

Money Advice Matters campaign resources

We have produced a range of campaign tools for the Citizens Advice Bureaux network in Scotland to take part in the Money Advice Matters campaign, which will be live from Monday 31 May -  Friday 11 June.

CAS - MP Briefing for Queen's Speech (10 May 2021)

The last year has shown the vital importance of our social security safety net. However, Universal Credit (UC) is unlikely to feature in the Government’s legislative agenda tomorrow. This risks missing lessons from the pandemic. While UC survived the influx of new claimants—in part by easing verification procedures and conditionality—fundamental aspects of its design have continued to put people in hardship. Reform is urgently needed so people have security and support as furlough is withdrawn and the economy reopens.

CAS is calling for:

› A review of UC’s adequacy as an in- and out-of-work benefit, with the £20 a week uplift made permanent

› Restoration of Work Allowances for all people on UC and a review of the Taper Rate

› The continued suspension of the Minimum Income Floor, with permanent changes to how self-employed income is assessed for UC going forward

› The introduction of a non-repayable assessment period payment to replace the current five week wait and Advance Payment system

› The ending of sanctions and unaffordable deductions

› Wider access to offline options for making and maintaining a UC claim and the introduction of implicit consent for CAB and other welfare rights advisers

› A fair, flexible, and safe transition to UC for those on legacy benefits, with an extension of the uplift and freedom to return to legacy benefits if UC entitlement is lower


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