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Welfare Reform and Work Bill - Briefing for MPs

Report Stage and Third Reading

CAS is extremely concerned that the proposals in the Bill would have a detrimental impact on CAB clients who have already been negatively affected by changes to the social security system in the last Parliament. These negative consequences include a rise in rent arrears; pressure on homeless services; and an increase in the number of people who are unable to make ends meet, who accrue priority debt or who require a referral to a food bank.

Citizens Advice Scotland recommends that the Bill is amended to remove Sections 7 to 15 (Welfare benefits) and Sections 16 to 18 (Loans for mortgage interest) and would urge MPs to support all amendments which would achieve this.

If the Bill is not amended to remove these sections, CAS would urge MPs to vote to decline to give the Bill a Third Reading.

CAS would also encourage MPs to vote in favour of the following new clauses:

  • NC1 (which would repeal the recent regulations making changes to Tax Credits),

  • NC3 (which would allow immediate payments of Personal Independence Payment for people who are terminally ill).

  • NC4 and NC12 (which would establish an independent inquiry into the sanctions regime),

  • NC6 (which would require the Secretary of State to report on the quality of jobs created)

  • NC10 (which would require primary legislation to enact any restriction to Housing Benefit for young people)
Rob Gowans
Publication date
October 2015
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