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Creating a Fairer Scotland debate briefing

Briefing for MSPs - Scottish Parliament debate 2 June 2016

This briefing focuses on the opportunities that the devolution of social security powers offers to Scotland – it is the chance to design a system that has the principles of dignity and respect at its heart. The following pages outline the challenges and issues that the parliament needs to address to make this system a reality.

The CAB service has a unique role in Scotland. No other charity offers direct help to so many people over such a wide variety of problems and across the whole of Scotland.

Advice on social security benefits are the largest area of advice provided by Scotland’s Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) network. In 2014/15, CAB clients received advice on 220,000 new issues related to benefits and tax credits, 37% of the total.

Our on-the-ground experience and extensive evidence base puts us in an ideal position to set out a vision for how Scotland should use its new social security powers.

Rob Gowans
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June 2016
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