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CAS response to Work & Pensions Committee Inquiry into Natural Migration to Universal Credit

CAS has responded to the Work and Pensions Committee's inquiry into natural migration from legacy benefits to Universal Credit.

This response covers:

  • Groups of people that stand to lose out most when they transfer from legacy benefits to Universal Credit through natural migration (a change in circumstance that triggers a claim for UC) 
  • What the Government should be doing to support those groups
  • What the lack of a comprehensive list of “triggers” that can transfer people to Universal Credit means in practice for claimants and the groups who support them, and explains why the Government produce a full list
  • The appropriateness of the existing “triggers” for natural migration
  • Our analysis as to why the Department for Work and Pensions has not done enough to help people to understand what changes in their circumstances might cause them to have to transfer to Universal Credit, and what that might mean for them
  • What more the Government could do to help people in this situation
Eilidh McIvor
Publication date
February 2019
Publication type