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CAS Response to Scottish Government consultation on Adult Disability Payment

Citizens Advice Scotland recommends the draft regulations are amended to change or clarify a number of areas to improve the social security support provided to disabled adults in Scotland through Adult Disability Payment. 

›       The criteria for entitlement to the enhanced mobility component should be changed so that the relevant distance is increased from 20 metres to at least 50 metres.

›       Changes are made to the 50% rule to take into account the ongoing impact of fluctuating conditions experienced by some disabled people.

›       The past presence condition is removed to ensure that people who would be otherwise eligible to receive Adult Disability Payment can access their right to social security. 

›       CAS recommends it is made clear in the regulations that lifelong awards can be awarded where appropriate, with no requirement for review unless the individual requests a review. 

Debbie Horne
Publication date
June 2021
Publication type