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CAS response to Consultation on Disability Assistance in Scotland

Scottish Government consultation

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) supports the Scottish Government's ‘safe and secure transition’ approach, but would like to see commitments to a number of short and long-term improvements to Disability Assistance, once it replaces PIP, Attendance Allowance and DLA.

These include: 

  • substantial reductions in the number of face-to-face assessments in practice, as well as in commitments
  • improvements to the descriptors and points system – in particular increasing the distance for the mobility component from 20 to 50 metres
  • a shorter statutory timescale for making decisions on redetermination requests – 28 days, rather than the proposal of 40 – 60 working days
  • design of forms, letters and other communication that ensures redeterminations and appeals are one seamless process from the applicant’s perspective
  • keeping the criteria and assessment process under close review, with a view to improving the accuracy of decision-making where possible
  • setting out considerations for longer-term changes to Disability Assistance alongside proposals for initial transition, including:
    • moving from a needs-based system that asks what people are unable to do, to a more rights-based model focused on what a person is entitled to, able to do and the support that enables them
    • the creation of a ‘whole-of-life’ benefit, to replace the three current and proposed age-based benefits
    • providing mobility support to people over the state pension age, which is not available to people receiving Attendance Allowance or the proposed Disability Assistance for Older People
Rob Gowans
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May 2019
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