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  1. 29 Nov 2021

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the announcement that the Scottish Child Payment will double to £20 per week in April,

  2. 7 Apr 2020

    If you are in a Debt Arrangement Scheme and struggling to make a payment because of a drop in income due to coronavirus, speak to your money adviser and they can arrange a payment break for you. If, for whatever reason, you cannot access your money adviser Citizens Advice Scotland has developed a helpful guide which outlines the steps you can take to request a payment break yourself. 

  3. 18 Mar 2020

    by Susan Hunter, Co-ordinator of the CAS Kinship Care project

    NB This article appeared in the Herald newspaper on 18 March 2020.

  4. 13 Aug 2019


    The new website for the Kinship Care Advice Service for Scotland will be launched at our event for Kinship Carers at the Five Sisters zoo in West Lothian on Tuesday 13th August 2019. The website contains information about the service, up to date news and how to access support. There will be a section where our publications will be accessible, this is still in the development stage and should be up and running shortly, please have a look at  If you wish to have copies of any of our leaflets or guidance sheets please get in touch with me or with your regional Kinship Care officer.

  5. 1 Aug 2019

    Over 13,000 households in Scotland have been hit by the Benefit Cap, according to new statistics published today.

  6. 24 Jul 2019

    Citizens Advice Scotland has said the rising cost of childcare is a contributing factor in many Scottish households’ struggles with money.

  7. 22 May 2019

    Responding to the final report from Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights following his visit to the UK, Citizens Advice Scotland Director of Impact, Polly Tolley said:

  8. 19 Mar 2018

    Kinship carers will be able to access more support and information thanks to a newly expanded advice service, launched this week by Citizens Advice Scotland.

  9. 20 Sep 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland have welcomed the announcement of a Young Carer Grant, but has called for further detail on how it will work.

  10. 10 Feb 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Bill, but has called on the government to set specific and achievable targets.

  11. 3 Feb 2016

    Foundation Scotland has set up a Flood Recovery Fund to relieve hardship across Scotland caused directly or indirectly by storm damage and flooding in December 2015 and early 2016. The fund is open to individuals or families, and community organisations involved in the flood relief effort.

  12. 1 Dec 2014

    A new report published by Citizens Advice Scotland exposes the worrying shortcomings in childcare provision in Scotland. In particular, it says that many CAB clients find that provision is either too expensive or simply doesn’t exist in a way that works for them.

  13. 5 Jun 2014

    People in Scotland who take in and care for their family members’ children have gained £1m in vital support, thanks to a project run by the Scottish CAB service. 

  14. 21 Jan 2013

    Commenting on Joseph Rowntree Foundation report Monitoring poverty and social exclusion in Scotland 2013 Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Margaret Lynch said:

    "This report bears out exactly what CAB see day in and day out. More people unemployed, underemployed or in low-income households who need advice on debt and benefits as they find it increasingly difficult to get though the month and manage to pay the bills and put food on the table. At a time of rising costs it is becoming harder and harder for people to cope and so CAB are increasingly seeing more people in crisis.

  15. 3 Oct 2012

    You can now find out more about the Citizens Advice Scotland Kinship Care Service through our Facebook page.

  16. 19 Apr 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland have said new changes to tax credits will hit nearly 85,000 families in Scotland, making them much worse off. 

  17. 16 Feb 2012

    Citizens Advice Scotland have backed the findings of a new survey which shows that 70% of UK families are living ‘on the edge of poverty’.

  18. 13 Oct 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have endorsed the findings of a survey published today by Oxfam which shows that many Scots are struggling to cope with rising food bills.

  19. 25 Aug 2011

    Citizens Advice Scotland have urged parents to steer clear of loan sharks and other ‘problem lenders’, as they struggle to cope with the costs of sending their children back to school.

  20. 17 Aug 2011

    The Scotland’s Peoples Annual Report, published today, shows that many Scots are still struggling to survive the continuing impact of the recession.


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